Let’s talk London

A little frustrated.

London! The capital of England! Big Ben stands there. Our embarrassing PM is there. Every terrible decision for our country has come from there. It is so expensive to live there that the people who work there actually can’t afford to live there. They take public transport. However, if you want to look into a career in a publishing house, for example, they are mostly situated in… You guessed it, London.

This is so frustrating. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t want to live in London. I don’t want to live near it either. But most jobs that I get suggested to me from indeed are situated in London. Temporarily remote is the reason I am receiving these suggestions even though I haven’t once searched for a job in or around London.

Temporarily remote? What are you going to do? Hire someone who may be really good at the job but they don’t live anywhere near you. Then when COVID-19 is no longer the biggest issue the world is dealing with you’re going to what? Force them to move? Fire them? Or would you actually be decent and keep the position remote?

If you live in the UK you’ll know that job security right now is like walking on a sword edge with no shoes on. It is a slow, long, painful walk to the safety of the handle. You have to keep walking otherwise the people above you will pull that sword a little more away from you. Your feet are already bleeding, made worse by there cruel games, but you have to carry on otherwise you’ll fall off the tip. More people have lost their jobs than ever, people with high end degrees can’t get jobs. Literally been applying for months and heard nothing from any of them. They just don’t bother replying to you anymore.

One job that did get back to me shortlisted me for an interview… Shortlisted. I didn’t get the interview. They asked me to keep myself free in case their first batch of four interviews didn’t produce a suitable candidate.

How frustrating is that?

Now all I am seeing are jobs in London, why? Why is mostly everything situated there? At least have another branch in the UK somewhere. There is more to England than London. There is more to the UK as a whole than London. Supposed to encourage diversity but if everything is all in one place it isn’t diverse.

Few… Rant over. Thank you for reading and I will write to you soon. Bye!