Oceans of fluff.

Yesterday, was the day that I had had enough of the mass amounts of fluff making my dogs and carpets look clumpy. I attacked this fluff with my rake brush. Poor Bandit looked like someone had tried to kill him and rip out all of his fur.

That was only half of one side of him… There was still more. I really gave him a good go until I thought I would make him sore if I continued. I noticed that he was covered in dandruff. Now, I am aware that doggy dandruff isn’t really a good sign. It could possibly be a sign of illness, skin infection, arthritis, and … I think there was another one but I can’t remember specifically.

I could take him to the vet but rather than take him to somewhere that will only stress him out, poke him, prod him, I decided to wash the two of them again. I washed them just before moving into our house which was a few months ago now.

Something everyone should know about my dogs is Bandit will basically let me do anything (obviously not hurt him), he secretly loves cuddles even though he is my grumpy old man. Luna is almost the complete opposite, she is my happy, energetic, attention seeker, who hates being cuddled, and hates being groomed.

So, trying to chase Luna around the back garden with a hose was a little fun but she still has the beans to hop fences. I am careful not to make her feel trapped in a corner. And I don’t laugh when I know she doesn’t like it, I try to keep her calm. I made the washing quick so they could shake it off and carry on with their day. Which I got action shots of.

I haven’t seen any dandruff since yesterday. It will be something I keep an eye on as the poor boy could live without something else health related kicking him down. I don’t think Luna will forgive me for the more regular washes she is about to receive.

This is just a fun little post about the dogs getting washed. No actual point to it but enjoy!

See you in the next post. Bye!