Games in Politics.

Part 52.

“There is no need to thank me, I was just doing what any person with good sense will do”. Ramses smiled wide. It made Halina cringe. Was this the callus way men of politics spoke to each other? Snide sub-context sentences that were so obnoxiously in your face you’d have to be a fool not to hear it. Or even see it?

“Hm, of course, well I think we can all agree on the best reward for such a good sense deed”. Kyle smirked. Halina glanced up at Ramses and saw he looked a little nervous. “Halina, what do you think about making Ramses an MC?”. Halina opened her mouth to respond but he cut her off. “Actually, I have an even better role for him, Galahad”. His fingers snapped. Galahad as silent as death slipped into the room in the blink of an eye. He had a knife to Ramses throat. “I can’t have a man who quite literally kidnapped my sister, only to use her to betray his own man, so you could comfortably seat yourself into power, do you expect me to trust you?”. Kyle shook his head. Then gave Galahad a glance. Before Ramses could protest or even so much as scream his throat split under the knife.