I took a break

I think I was dying.

The reason I think that was because after two weeks of just solid running in the mornings, chloe ting workout of an evening, and working on my feet all day between that, I could barely cope with doing anything else.

My dogs were suffering, they going on the runs with me, and they weren’t desperate they were being let out in the back garden but that was all I could bring myself up to do. I stopped writing. I stopped reading. The idea of either just knocked me.

I just wanted to sleep. I was just about eating. Even that was a chore. I have even had two crying fits from work that’s how emotionally drained and battered I felt.

So, I did the only reasonable thing I could think of. I took a break. A week long break. Not from work sadly (which is utterly shit by the way, to my customers who I know never read this, fuck you for being so rude if you hate the place so much why do you consistently come back? Stop making your arrogant self important problems my fault). But from the exercise.

I do actually feel better for that break. I have started running again this morning and I haven’t lost any of my fitness progress… I don’t think.

My partner and I, in that break even changed our diet. For a strict six weeks we will be eating only slimming world microwave meals. Once we have completed those six weeks we will start cooking properly again, and allow ourselves the one off takeaway or treat. I have already seen progress in my body from just five days of change.

As you can see I don’t look any different at all. I was exercising and nothing was happening to my body. I was getting fitter. But my shape and size wasn’t changing. Since moving house we haven’t bought ourselves a set of scales so I can’t check how much I actually weigh but I imagine it is probably at the twelve stone mark.

However, this is me after changing my diet.

Look at the difference! I am less bloated! The fold in my back has reduced! I feel better even though I finish every night craving some form of chocolate and ice cream. My biggest weakness is ice cream. And that difference was after just five days! That change of diet with exercise I will hopefully actually start reaching my size goals!

Hopefully soon I will actually have some definition in my arms and stomach, and maybe slightly slimmer looking legs!

I will update you all next week with how I get on but I am optomistic about this new progress.

If you are also on a weightloss journey and you feel utterly exhausted. Sometimes the best thing to do is have a break. Your body will repair and maybe that will be when you see the change you are looking for. Of course, you should combo good diet with exercise, but too much of anything can be detrimental to your ability to reaching your goals.