Games in Politics.

Part 51.

Halina entered Kyles office with her back straightened so tight her muscles ached, but she didn’t dare relax. Ramses was already in there talking in whispers with Kyle. They seemed to be enjoying the discussion as if they were both the best of friends. It chilled her blood and made her stomach tighten with uncertainty. She had been summoned after they had returned to her normal rooms and Galahad had been sent off on his first job. She didn’t know what that first assignment was, however, she knew he was going to be gone all day.

“Halina, I was just thanking Ramses for his services”. Kyle said and gestured to the empty seat next to him. Kyle’s office was her father’s old office. It was quite a plain room. There were no filing cabinets, no wall paintings or certifications, nothing personal. Just a big dark wood desk and a set of chairs with one couch against one of the walls closest to the door. She approached slowly. Careful not to glare at Ramses. She took her seat and Kyle instantly placed his hand on her knee. The heat of it made her feel wrong. She resisted the urge to pull away. She knew she needed to play multiple characters in this one moment.

The docile loving sister who almost sacrificed herself to keep her brother’s secret.

The traitorous sister who has been planted by Ramses to pull the world from under her brother’s feet.

And herself to keep Galahad and herself alive.