Games in Politics

Part 50.

“If you agree to have him serve me as punishment, he may return to you whenever he is finished”. Kyle said. Halina’s heart dropped to her stomach. She knew what he would make Galahad do. She knew anyone situated below a set wage line was dead. But what other choice did she have if she was going to get him to live. “Think of it as a list of tasks, sort of like Hercules, trials to prove his worth”. She didn’t need to ask him what those tasks would be. Instead she met eyes with Galahad and silently asked him if he could accomplish these tasks.

What she saw in his eyes was a determination to live. What she saw was defiance. She prayed into herself that that fire inside him would continue to burn after her brother was finished with him. Halina met her brother’s eyes. Those smug eyes which looked at her as if either way he was going to win.

“Deal”. She said. Kyle snapped his fingers and Galahad was freed. She rushed to him and helped him back to his feet.

“I have his first task”. Kyle said. He put his weapon away and his men began to filter out of the room. “Oh, and discretion please, I would prefer it if our dear friend Ramses did not know he was still alive”.