Running plus Weights

One week in.

Instead of doing two separate posts for running and the Chloe Ting Get Fit challenge, I am just going to put the progress all in one post. I am also a couple of days late, but I have reasons for that which I will explain a little further down.

So far I can say that I have ached, I have dripped in sweat, and I have cried. I have done a full week of Chloe Ting’s get fit challenge workout of an evening and running three miles of a morning. To add to my physical strain I have now returned to work. So my days have consistently involved sleep, run, work, eat, workout, sleep, and repeat. Which if I am honest hasn’t felt great. I’d like to write more. I’d like to read more. But sadly both of those aren’t going to get me any money. Another sadly people need money to live.

Most nights I’ve just been so tired my brain has decided it doesn’t want to function. And I understand I have only just finished the first week so progress is barely a thing if anything. But sometimes I wish the real world was a little like the sims 4, exercise a couple of days and your sim either becomes slim from overweight or buff from slim. Of course the real world is not like that.

This is the Monday morning after that first week. As you can see no change. But I suppose what actually happens in the first week is the body shock. What I mean is this is the time when the body goes ‘oh god, we are using more energy, are the muscles moving!?’ so it is just adjusting to the shock. I suppose. But I hit a really low emotional point. Due to returning to work which, by the way, is awful as in before lockdown it was boring but not terrible now it is just so god awful I am actually praying for another lockdown. Anyway, my feet were aching, I was so tired, I didn’t even want to eat (and I wouldn’t have eaten all day as well), I just wanted to sleep. I was fine once I stood up and started moving again. Just trying to motivate myself to continue to do it was a very difficult moment.

That leads into the next part of the fitness plan I suppose. I have passed the first week. The motivation to do it. I now need to be disciplined enough to continue to do it. The lack of physical difference in me is a little disappointing, I know I shouldn’t expect miracles, but please body look a little less bloated. Great, thanks.

The weight training by chloe ting has been amazing. Muscles I didn’t know I had have been burning during the workout then aching the next day. They are at just the right intensity not to be excessively tough. Plus with all of Chloe Ting’s workouts you can have the video run and just be a little mindless while you workout out. Which I prefer because I’m too sweaty, too hot, and too exhausted to have to think about what I am doing. I just need to listen to the instructions, her advice on what I need to make sure I don’t do, and move. This was a three week program so it will be continuing for this week as well.

The running got tougher though because of the most recent heat waves the UK has been having it has been a little harder for the dogs to cool down. This week I have increased the miles from three to four. I don’t know if the extra mile will make much of a difference with regards to my weight loss but I seriously hope it helps.

Another difference I will be making. Not this week. But next week will be what I am eating. My partner and I have been eating better compared to what we used to eat, but now we are only going to eat slimming world meals. Now, because we are not paying to join the group weighing sessions, thinking about it we probably should as I don’t know if I have lost weight and just can’t see it or what, we can’t get our hands on recipe books. What we are going to do instead is find an Iceland shop and buy everything that is slimming world appropriate. We are going to be that strict with ourselves for a month and then just being a little healthier after that.

My partner said that I should just see the weight melt off me at the rate I am exercising once we start doing that I can only hope so.

One thing we have discovered is that I may be lactose intolerant. Which unfortunately makes me bloat like a balloon. It is so hard to avoid dairy things as they practically make most things with it but I can at least avoid the major dairy things like cheese and milk.

I’m late posting this due to work. I was going to do it on Monday but my job has been that exhausting because they are trying to adhere to the social distancing laws currently in place and failing. Table service while we are seriously understaffed as it is and trying to reduce the staff even more. They haven’t set up a system to help organise the jobs to manage the new table service we have to provide and we are constantly being told so many different things. The place that I am working in right now could learn a thing or two from McDonalds. The fast food chain may be a shit hole to work in but I’ll give them their credit they have an effective system when it comes to getting the food orders out. Monday was made worse by a long shift so I just didn’t bother typing or posting anything. I just wanted to keep on top of the exercising, looking after the dogs and that was it.

Hopefully next week my body will have improved in the strength, fitness, and energy levels enough for me to update you all on Monday instead of Wednesday. But we will see.

Progress post for week two will be coming next week.