Games in Politics

Part 49

What had she just said? Galahad did not care that he was pinned to the floor about to be killed for kidnapping. He focused on Halina and her bold proclamation of love. This wasn’t exactly the best position to find out that little bit of information, but it was still a nice thing to find out before he died.

“Yes, please he will be of great use to you, has he not already proven himself?”. Halina put on a coy tone which would have originally fooled him had he not seen her true insecurities before this. She was worming her way through her brother’s mind. Assurances of loyalty that she didn’t really have. Maybe the love that she was talking about was just to keep him alive? Maybe she didn’t really mean it? But then again, they were about to do something so intimate. Although, he had had sex before, it wouldn’t be the first time he was used to scratch an itch, especially if she believed she was going to die.

“He has proven to be a calculating murderer”. Her brother hissed. Halina met Galahad’s eyes. The way her brows pinched up together. Her eyes had widened. Genuine fear. He wasn’t just an itch to scratch. He felt that much. “Ramses has graciously managed to locate enough evidence on this assassin to have him publicly executed”. Galahad squeezed his eyes shut tight as his heart sank. He had been set up. That much he was certain. “But, I might consider letting him live if…”.