Games in Politics.

Part 47

“Whoever you are, I am here for my sister”. Out of all the people Halina had suspected it could have been. Her brother had not been one of them. His timing could not have been more inconvenient. Galahad was stood half naked and Halina had her shirt ripped open. A harder knock against the door rattled the wooden plank in its frame. “If you don’t surrender her, I will take her anyway!”. Both she and he jumped out of each other’s arms and tried to right their clothes. Halina’s was a little more difficult to correct. Galahad ran to a bag that he had travelled with and threw one of his black shirts at her.

Just as she caught the black material the door to the plain hide out burst open. At least ten soldiers, armed to the teeth, charged in. They surrounded Galahad in seconds. One kicked the back of his knee and pressed his chest to the ground with his arms strapped to his back. Kyle stepped in. He looked exactly the same if not better than when she had walked out of the audience hall. The first thing he did was survey the room, gave a tight smirk, until his eyes landed on Halina. With her clothes ripped and her arms hugging a black shirt to her chest.