Games in Politics.

Part 45.

She didn’t say any more. She pressed her lips to his and they locked into a heated hungry kiss. He moved both wrists under one hand and pressed his body desperately into hers. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he released a groan of pure satisfaction. Their tongues connected as she opened her mouth for him. Galahad thrust onto her, his hips undulated, and grinded against the sensitive area between her legs. She moaned into his mouth and his free hand brushed the side of her face and ran his fingers through her hair. They both grew more aggressive, more feverish, and more needy.

“Clothes are in the way”. Halina whimpered between open mouthed kisses. Her body shivered as the pleasure rippled down her spine to her core.

“I’ll fix that”. Galahad growled. The vibration of his voice was like adding Viagra. She moaned against him as he kissed down her neck. The hand at her face moved to her clothes and ripped the front of it open. The tear made her gasp from exhilaration. His bare palm touched her bare stomach for the first time and the feel of his calloused palm sent tingles all over her.