Learning WordPress

Oh… What?

Have I been doing this all wrong? I don’t really know much about the hashtag system. Not enough to dominate the social media world like a lot of hugely successful people around the world. So, I would hashtag sort of similar to Instagram.

As many words or phrases that fit with the subject that people may look at. However, going through the WordPress reader and I have come to realise something… Most of the posts if not all of the posts only had two hashtags on them. TWO? is that the better way to do it?

Not bombard your post with stupid hashtags but to think careful about what two words or phrases best fit your post?

Oh my god. I feel a little bit like an imbecile right now. Today, I am going to have to really think about what I have been doing on my blog and how to most effectively reach people.

The only thing that is blocking me a little bit is work. Yes, lockdown is over and work has truly commenced although it didn’t go off smoothly yesterday due to new management. Which is typical. I am actually not allowed to go into full detail about where I work or anything that could identify it. A non-disclosure agreement. Scarey stuff, the place is so worried about being slandered they get you to sign that? I mean my job isn’t exactly top secret mission spying or anything. Just a minimum wage customer service job.

Anyway, being back at work is a little bit in the way, but I can work around that. We don’t get breaks. But it will be around work so when I wake up early I’ll research before and then when I finish continue the research after. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to research Instagram as well given my partner business is dependant on social media.

But I genuinely thought the more hashtags the better. Was that wrong? So, if I stop spamming my posts at the end with hashtags it would be better?

Time to find out.