Games in Politics.

Part 44.

Halina stood her ground. She realised then that he was the only one she could stand her ground and he wouldn’t resort to threatening her to force her co-operation. He would stand there, face her off, and listen to her. Like he was now.

“That moment should not have happened”. Galahad said. His eyes dropped to her balled up hands then back up to her eyes. “You should just forget about it just like I’m trying to”.

“Why!? Why would you want to!?”. She launched into a fist pounding fit. Slamming them into his chest until he caught both of her wrists and shoved her back until she was against the wall. Pinned between him and the wall. She struggled and wriggled. It was no use, he was much stronger than her, his grip didn’t budge.

“I don’t want to”. He didn’t raise his voice and he didn’t hurt her as he held her. “But this isn’t about what I want, if I take what I want then I will lose it anyway”. His face was so close. Their eyes were locked together and she was desperate just to pucker her lips and taste him. Even though she was mad. “I also need what I want, to want me back”.