Weights + Chloe Ting = Death.

Day 1 of 3 weeks.

Chloe Ting.

Tonight was the first night that I tried out her get fit challenge. It is a workout program scheduled over three weeks. First night… Oh christ I am going to be sore tomorrow.

I can already feel it in my back. Now before you say anything I was very careful with my form. Of course adding weights means there is a potentially higher risk of my injuring myself. Don’t worry, if you’re looking at this workout list thinking crap no chance please wait, she offers low impact and no equipment options so everyone can join in.

Anyway, I started it pretty OK. I took my time keeping a focus on my form, listening to her instructions. Day one get the technique the strength will follow or progress whatever your goal is. Then about three maybe four exercises in my back started to ache like muscles tired ache. Oh my days! I know my back was my weak point but after a few days of this I don’t think it will be for very long.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to last if my back felt like that only a few exercises in. I’m not being funny but that first video was twenty minutes long! I was probably two minutes in! She also brought a whole new meaning to the exercise burpee… I know burpees are great for your fitness and strength but I can say I’m not a fan. I will do them, I refuse to not challenge my body right now. It has had full reign on my cravings and willpower for too long now. But oh god those burpees and there were two rounds of them!

Day 1 consisted only of two videos. I near died. Although, I strangely feel good right now. That feeling of accomplishment because I managed to achieve it and push passed my laziness. I would high recommend people giving it a go.

Just a couple of tips.

1. Water. Always have water. I know it sounds silly but the amount of people I have seen at the gym and no water is crazy. Trust me if you do these workouts even if there is snow outside you will sweat. Water!

2. Take your time. She’s human just like we are, and if you manage to get a minute to watch her videos you’ll notice there will be a moment mid video that she will pause for a second either to adjust her balance or position in some way. So, it is OK if you stumble on some of the workouts. To be fair it is normal to stumble. If you did everything perfectly I suppose it wouldn’t be a challenge.

3. They say optional. However, the warm up and cool down videos help prep your body for either moving around if like me you’ve been sat down for a few hours, or relaxation after the workout. Do them. Just to avoid any injury. They are nice easy and quick. Roughly six minutes each. That is nothing in the grand scheme of things. You don’t have to do the optional workout videos but the warm up and cool down seriously just do them save your body any unnecessary and avoidable pain.

Next week will be my next check in from these workouts. If I survive. Ha!