Here we go again.

Early rise.

Last week I was lazy. I did not wake up particularly early and I didn’t go for a run with the dogs. I didn’t even do the Chloe Ting workouts. Nope. What I did instead was sleep in then make breakfast and had about a weeks worth of lazy days. Why?

Lockdown is ending. I don’t know about a lot of you but I actually enjoyed it. The thought of it ending right now is anxiety inducing. I understand that I need to go to work in order to pay for my home and my dogs to eat and live. I also know that I am very very lucky to still have a job. I don’t know about anywhere else but the UK job market is horrendously crap right now. So, I know I don’t really have any space to complain but it has been nice to focus on me for a change with regards to writing, reading, and time for me. Not that I look like it I let myself go massively last week.

This morning I woke up with my eyeballs feeling like they had swollen. All I wanted was to go back to bed. But I have to get up early so the dogs can run with me and not cook by the current random heatwave we have been having. So, I ignored the aching in my body and just got dressed.

I took pictures of my currently physique. I am not obesely overweight but I’m not happy with myself. I really need to stop giving in to takeaway foods and cravings.

I hate myself right now. There are somethings I cannot change about myself. But my weight is one of them.

This morning was a three mile run. Which I get for the big regular runners is nothing but it nearly killed me.

After the three mile run.

The dogs didn’t really make it easy either. Whoever said dogs can’t multitask might want to come meet Luna. Not only does she keep pace with me on my left side. She also takes a quick bite out of the grass around my feet. She will also hunt things if she sees something so don’t take her beauty as a sweetheart look she is a gluttonous and effective hunter when she wants to be. Bandit is the same as normal pulls back and stays behind me even though I know that he can outrun me if he wanted to.

I was originally going to push for four miles but given how my body felt I cut it down to three miles instead. If I do too much I just know I’ll give up and this is something I would like to build into a regular routine. This running doesn’t just help me keep fit and lose weight but it is also a good way for me and the dogs to bond while exercising them the way they need to be. Even if sometimes I think running would not be nearly as hard without them.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. The second day for anything is always the worst. After passing the second day everything feels a little easier. Almost like when you start running the first mile feels crap because your body just wants to stop.

Same time next week I will have an update. If things get easier. Or if they feel harder.

Tonight I will be doing Chloe Ting’s new get fit workout.