Settling In.

Delays, delays, and more delays.

Having a space of our own has been a really nice feeling and it still is. Although we are still trying to settle in, it has been nice. I won’t lie and make it sound miserable I am in love with my new home. Of course there have been some set backs which is why writing or reading have slowed down to a near stop at this rate.

I think one thing was furnature. Due to covid deliveries have been scattered all over the place. I have a few examples. The first thing to be delayed without notice was my bookcase.

The Bookends waiting for my Bookcase.

When I ordered the bookcase from Ikea it allowed me to choose a delivery day to make sure I was available for it. So I chose a date before we were officially moving in so we could put a lot of our things away when we got in. Nope, they decided to notify me on the day that I had originally chosen that the bookcase was not due until the end of the month instead. Luckily, that is just before I return to work, however, what would have happened if I was in work that day? I’d either have to deal with it when I got in if my Partner managed to answer the door through work. Or I would have to reschedule the delivery onto one of my free days off. It would have been nice if they would have just told me that it wasn’t available that day I would not have sat in an empty house for hours waiting for it.

Other examples of taking one step or progress forward then roughly hundreds of steps backward include internet (Ha! Don’t even ask to put it bluntly Virgin Media is a huge let down… Again), more furnature delays, the awkwardness of registering with a new doctor during a pandemic, and realising you need to pay to change details on important documents…

Which leads me onto my next point.

Money, money, money that we don’t have.

Of course, as is human nature everything has a value. Everything has been made a business. So, why wouldn’t they make money out of having to update your details on important documents even though you are the one doing it. An example, everyone must pay to update the details of their driving license, as well as where the car is registered, and your car insurance. (Yes, I am aware everyone knows this). But if you don’t, either because you currently have no money because, oh I don’t know, you just bought a house maybe!? (Yes, sarcasm these days has been my friend). There is a high risk of being fined for the privilege of being poor… because adding more costs to that problem fixes everything. (I’d facepalm right now for the stupidity but you can’t see it).

Something else I have found out lately that I have to pay for is updating the details of my dogs microchips. I think I have realised why (even though it is a legal requirement) a lot of dogs that go missing typically don’t have microchips. Not only is it expensive to get your beloved pooch microchipped anyway, there is a price on updating their details.

Something else I discovered and I hope this helps others as well. When I logged into my dogs microchipping database I discovered that I was on the Basic plan. Basic plan is literally this…

  • Database record for the life of your pet.
  • 24/7 UK based reunification service.

Which basically means if they are scanned their details will come up and I will be notified and I can get them back… However, if I pay for the premium I would get –

  • Database record for the life of your pet.
  • 24/7 UK based reunification service.
  • Update your details any time at no additional cost.
  • Lost pet alert to local pet professionals within a 30 mile radius of where the pet went missing.
  • Addition of holiday and friend’s contact details.
  • Download a free missing pet poster with your dogs picture and details.

Granted, some of these are extra bonuses. What makes me mad is shouldn’t the Lost Pet Alert be part of the basic plan!? You want pets to be reunited. Less in rescue facilities and more in their own homes. But no, no, life is a business.

So, as you can imagine we haven’t done a couple of things because as with what comes with moving house money is a little low.

Pets and Stress.

Something I wasn’t really expecting. Luna has started to stress. I was hoping she wouldn’t because I brought the two of them to the house multiple times while I was doing my D.I.Y decorating. I brought them with me in the hopes that they would grow accostumed to the place.

This is not the case, they are both perfectly fine when I am inside the room with them. They go on jogs with me of a morning. They get walked again during the day. They are fed at a regular time everyday. But Luna stresses out when I leave the room. Even if I go upstairs and even if it is only for an hour she starts to get noisy and destructive. Luckily it has only been things that can just be thrown away so bits of cardboard and rubbish. There is just the worry that she might start testing her teeth on something expensive or valuable.

Of course I don’t want my dog to be stressed. I’d like her to be comfortable. I’m just not sure how to do that. So, old ways have returned.

When I first got my puppies I made use of crates. Metal cage looking crates. They slept in them, until soon enough the two of them would just go into the crates by themselves. I have one left after a couple of friends and family members needed them. But one is all I need.

To protect our possessions while at the same time helping Luna settle using something she recognises, Luna is locked inside the crate at bed time, then released when I wake up of a morning. Which these days is not that long a time.

Luna right now.

Look at her, she climbed in there by herself. She looks comfier than me at this moment.

What I am learning from this experience.

Everything always takes time. As frustrating as that may be to people who just want things done and to be perfect. This is not a quick process. It is messy, and awkward, and keeps coming up with more things that need to be done just when you think the list is getting shorter.

We are still settling in. Nothing has fallen into a normal rhythm yet. It will just take time.