My Sweet Little Luna.


This is her sulking.

Clearly this week I have been doing everything wrong. From deciding to have a shower before I took them for a walk in the morning, to going to bed without feeding her. (Please wait before you all rant and rave about me neglecting my dog – this is a punishment).

Everyone who has a Husky will probably totally understand Luna’s smarts. She knows exactly how to get her way. If anyone ever entered my home and believed that any other animal except Luna was the Alpha of my house they’d be so wrong.

Actually, scratch that, I don’t know. Sometimes Bandit could be the boss, and sometimes it could be Luna. But I am going to be honest it definitely isn’t me.

My decision to have a shower before coming down to see her, resulted in her stealing indian takeaway sauces, and leaving me unfortunate presents at the back door. (Oh my god the urge to kill again had to be tampered by my love). Oh dear god, because once again she stole food her punishment is that she doesn’t get her normal food. This is because my little Luna was seriously overweight a couple of years ago.

There are two types of dogs when it comes to food. I have both. Bandit is a gentle eater, he has not snatched food, even when he takes food that’s not his (So sorry to my brother’s girlfriend!), and he self regulates. Luna is the gluttonous eater, she will snatch unless you specifically tell her “don’t snatch”, she will eat everything and anything, and she will continue until she explodes. If we don’t limit her food she will just eat and eat.

That night I was really, really tired. Energy levels are lethally low right now. So, I went to bed. Luna took off. She found another thing to eat… a sauce bottle which we had no idea where she found that. And… one of my partner’s socks.

I was so angry. But I chilled out, and realised all of this is my fault.

She is lashing out because lately I have been not getting up as early as normal to walk them. Then to go for a shower before at least checking to see if they needed to go in the back garden.

So… Lesson learned.