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Part 42

Halina took the chance to peek over her shoulder at him. His naked back was the perfect sculptor masterpiece of muscle definition and size. He had scars that marred his flesh in long gashes or circular patches. He throws cold water over his back and every muscle tenses. Then he peeled his trousers away. Halina felt the heat creep up her cheeks as she got a nice view of his backside. And oh, was that a nice ass.

He didn’t seem to notice Halina’s gaze. So, she dared to keep it admiringly lingering on his very sexy form just a little longer. When his trousers were slipped over the hard curve of his ass and he started bunching his shirt around his elbows which made the exquisite muscles ripple down his back. He threw the black shirt over his head and cut off her view.

She snapped out of her devouring reverie of his body and remember to answer his question.

“I was just thinking it would be nicer to get to know you more”.  She replied turning away as if she had not been watching.

“Since you are going to be returning to the main city, would there be much point?”. He replied. His question seemed cold, unfeeling, like he had lost complete interest in her altogether.

“Why are you acting like we will never meet again?”. Halina swivelled around on him. She knew he was already dressed so decided best to forgo the politeness of waiting for him to tell her to turn. He was fully clothed and was in the middle of putting his boots on.

“Because we won’t”. He didn’t look up from tying his bootlace. So, he didn’t see the horror on Halina’s face like she had been slapped viciously. Her hands balled into fists at her sides and she ducked her head down so her chin was to her chest. Trying to hide the rebellious tears threatening to fall from her eyes.