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Part 41

Never had a family? Halina worked through the many meanings and scenarios when his eyes looked down to her lips. She hissed in a deep breath. She remembered his sweating form while training. His disciplined focus. Then his quiet calmness at the door to her new room. His steady heartbeat against her ear. The warmth of his arms. Her lips parted slightly. He leaned an inch closer. They were a hair width away when she also remembered. His killing her father and dragging her here blindfolded.

She gasped and twisted away. Was she going to kiss him? He was a handsome young man. She imagined letting him explore her mouth while his hands roamed over all over her. Halina bit her lip and stifled a moan of desire. A throbbing tingle radiated from between her legs to the rest of her body. She shook herself of her betraying fantasy and stepped away from his heat at her back.

“Do you know what happened to them?”. She walked over to what she assumed was a counter of his kitchen and ran a over its rough surface. Galahad didn’t follow her. He instead backed up to the other corner and turned away. He turned the tap for his wash basin. The slap of the water seemed almost deafening against the intense atmosphere.

“No, no one does but these people gave me a home, then gave me a profession”, He paused while he braced for the sharp coldness. “Does it matter?”.