Wallpaper stripping…

Never again.

Oh wow. It is such a nice feeling to finally have our own home. We haven’t moved into it yet officially but we have made a start on decorating.

Yesterday, we ordered a mattress designed for Gods haha! (expensive but a bed is an investment into your health and wellbeing can’t be foolish about this. We also found the couch we wanted although not the size so we haven’t ordered that yet. We picked a colour scheme we are going to go for as well.

We were sort of going into this blind. DIY is not something I have really done before with regards to decorating a house… I know you get paint and tape for the edges… But things like nails and screws in walls… No idea. Plus there was wallpaper to remove…

Oh my god. Seriously, never again with the wallpaper. Not only! Do you have to make sure that you don’t destroy any electrical socket that is attached to that wall but once you’ve turned the electricity off and covered the sockets to protect that from the dripping boiled water or the floating hot steam. (ouch by the way). There is also the fun of chipping away at the paper around the sockets.

I am going to give everyone a piece of advice especially if you’re going to be painting over the area anyway. Get a rough ass sponge soak it in water (it can be warm or cold as long as it is wet or damp and will transfer moisture onto the wallpaper scraps still stuck to the wall) and scrub those pieces off! You can use the stripper knife as well as a stripping combo but that sponge is going to become your new best friend!

Before our first five minute drink break.

This is what three strips of wallpaper removed looks like. I’m lucky I work so well with my partner because that would have taken so much longer, I would have blown one of those sockets and maybe a light or two on the wall.

We took a break at this point because of the steam and the weather we were roasting. The sweat was just unnecessary. By the time we got back into it we realised that we couldn’t reach the far end of the wall.

Result at the end of the day.

This is where we got to at the end of the day. It wasn’t all we had done. My dad gave us a screw gun to remove screws and polyfilled for any holes we found.

By this point we were tired. We sat on the floor for a bit just to enjoy the fact it was ours.

One thing that frightened us, which my dad pointed out, was they had mounted their TV on a hollow wall… We have a brand new, big, BIG TV. If that faceplants the floor and takes the wall with it I think we’d both just die of heart failure. So we’ve agreed to not do that plan anymore and buy a really nice entertainment unit instead. But we will need to remove the electric fire they have on the wall. Don’t know what that will mean… For us but we will try it when we get to it…

Image is blurry as it is a screenshot from a video.

So far, so good…

To be continued…