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Part 40

Galahad finished training with a sparring session with his trainer. Then took Halina to his home to change. The street he had taken her down had been the same as when she had first arrived. Dirty and filled with people that hated her. The same derogatory terms were thrown in her direction. Galahad had seemed to have grown fond enough of her to glare at the verbal spit vipers. Though it didn’t seem to matter. They greeted him warmly regardless.

His house looked a little bit like a run-down bungalow. A single window and door. Which the actual building consisted of an open plan of everything. Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom was all one big room. He had a set of collapsed draws beside his bed which was also missing a leg. He fumbled around in the draws trying to get one to open while Halina glanced around the space.

“Have you always lived like this?”. She asked him as she brought a hand up to touch a wall. The wooden post was rotted and damp. When she looked up there were holes in the ceiling. She noticed the buckets when her eyes returned to the floor.

“Yes”. He sounded quite short. She saw him look at her briefly while she was exploring then turned quickly away.

“Alone?”. She wondered a little further into the space, noticing the water stain on the wooden floor. The boards creaked under her weight.

“Yes”. She hadn’t heard him move. It startled her to hear him so close when he answered her. He stood over her. His head tilted down to observe her.

“What happened to your family?”. She asked him. Halina tilted her face up. Their eyes locked like magnets clicking together. Both bodies taking in the breath of the other. Slow quivering breaths. A gravity pulled their forms together. It felt as if the air was being sucked from her lungs. Finally, he spoke.

“Never had a family”.