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Part 39

“If…”. He continued slowly. She huffed out an impatient breath. It made him smile. His white teeth flashing annoyingly at her. “You can get me into your brother’s good graces”.

“How can I do that? I don’t think I’m in his good graces”. She folded her arms across her chest and shrugged at him. His expression changed from over-confident ass to bored arrogant ass.

“That isn’t my problem really, later today Galahad is going to return you to the main city, after that get creative”. He put his gun back in his inner jacket pocket. “Something that will get me close to your brother”.

“What will you do if that happens?”. She asked him. He had started walking towards her. She held her ground refusing to let him dominate over her.

“Well, maybe we can make his shit storm plans a little less shit even if they do cause a storm”. He started to pass her.

“Why not just send Galahad, like you did last time?”.

“Because your brother is not stupid, he will have taken precautions, I will not risk Galahad when you could quite easily get me in without worry”. He brushed passed her and left her alone. At that moment she caught a glimpse of Galahad running the course. He was so smooth and fluid. Almost worse was how quiet he was. He looked shiny from sweat but she couldn’t hear any heavy breathing and barely caught the patter of his running steps. The obstacles might as well have not been there given how easily he moved up, down, and all around them. He then moved onto a structured strength building workout. Halina thought about him. He, at first, was rough gun in her face, wanting her dead. Then he softened. He had protected her. Would he listen to her if she asked him for help?