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Part 38

Halina hissed in a breath. Her heart raced inside her chest as the gun pointed steadily at Galahad’s head. Galahad didn’t shy away from the weapon. Instead he stared Ramses down. No one blinked as the silent command and defiance ensued.

“Do as you are told, I have forgiven your transgression last night, but here, now, prove your loyalty, get your ass on that training court before I blow your brains out”. Ramses bit out between his teeth. There was a moment of pause. A split second in which Halina thought she was about to watch Galahad die right before her eyes. He moved towards his trainer and teacher without another word.

Ramses lowered his weapon but kept it in his hand. There was an awkward silence in the air. The crunch of Galahad’s footsteps faded away.

“You are a clever slut, aren’t you?”. Were the first words to break the silence and had Halina’s heart lodge itself firmly in her throat. She forced her breathing to remain steady even though she was about to choke. “You have somehow wormed your way into my most lethal assassin’s head, and I suspect his pants given that he was the one guarding your door last night, right?”. He took a little step towards her and she clenched every muscle in her body to stop herself from stepping a hundred more backwards. “But I think I could forgive him, if…”. He paused dramatically. Halina twitched, his insinuation was an irritating itch to her brain, she bit back the response she wanted to say. She humoured his mockery.

“If?”. She asked.