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Part 37

Ramses was waiting for the two of them outside at a training grounds which Galahad had missed the last couple of days of his absence. The man with two names was dressed almost like he was about to go on a date. Black suit and tie. He had wellies on over his trousers clearly not willing to ruin the bottom of them with the dirt of the training grounds.

Halina glanced around the space, saw the obstacles, saw the training dummies, and saw the outside workout bars and machines. They looked well used and worn. Hundreds of handprints, footprints, and in some places, she thought she could see splotches of blood. It made her think about her own sessions in the swimming pool. She craved to feel the silky smoothness of the cool chlorinated water over her skin as she cut through it like a blade down the length. Would these people even have a pool?

“Galahad”. Ramses smiled. “I thought you might want to do your usual morning training before the mission, so I had you meet me out here”. Halina watched as Galahad was clearly scanning the man for any suspicious malice. Ramses could see him doing it too and smiled broadly as he continued. “Joe is waiting for you at the end with instructions don’t worry we will be here”. He pointed out towards a man that was indeed waiting at the other end of the training grounds. Galahad glanced back briefly over his shoulder towards Halina who remained still. She met his eye in that glance. There was a tiny flash of uncertainty exchanged between them.

When Galahad still didn’t move, Ramses dropped the smile and pulled out a gun from his jacket inner pocket.