Glucosamine + Bandit.

This picture is a couple of weeks old.

Honestly, I haven’t really seen an improvement in his back legs. However, I will say that he has been getting up a little more enthusiastically. So… I will take that as a good sign.

One thing I will give the grumpy bugger. He just takes the tablets like they are nothing. It is great, at first I smothered it in coconut oil. Now I just hold it in my palm and he licks it up without any fuss. He is such a good boy!

There are times when I hate his guts haha!

I’ve been jogging with the two of them every morning except for the weekends. He lags behind (please don’t think I’m being mean with his stiff legs he picks up the pace easy enough when he sees a squirrel or cat until he passes me) which makes the runs feel like resistance training. Worse he is the only one at the two of them that stops mid run at a crucial moment for a poop! Even though I walk the two of them before the run so they can do their business. When he stops he kills me just a little bit. On top of that! I have a specific route for my runs, when I extend the run I usually start off with the same route as what I started with except I just pass the turn off towards the house. I have been doing this for weeks. Luna has got the idea but he decides to try to tug me in that general direction, then just to make everything harder by slowing down even more… Ah!

No, I love him, it’s how he gets away with being grumpy ha! and there are moments that he just makes my heart squeeze and I just want to cuddle him.

So far glucosamine has not made any significant difference but it is still early! So stay tuned for an update.

To be continued…