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Part 36

Halina rushed through washing her body. She was acutely aware of Galahad waiting for her. There was a momentary blip in her feelings that desired him to peek. It was a tiny piece of insanity. She convinced herself she was just interested to see what his reaction would be. Would he give her that hungry look that all the books spoke of? The curiosity was still there which she kept slapping back and scolding herself for. She got back into the clothes she had been wearing before her freezing wash.

The ice sharp cold had stabbed into her flesh as she washed that she had to bite her teeth together to stop from screaming. It had been awful and had left her feeling not really any different. Just colder. Her skin had shivered as she dressed. When she turned to face Galahad, who was still turned away from her, she was still shivering.

“What now?”. She asked her teeth clacking together. He glanced over his shoulder and without saying another word opened the door for her.

“You are going to see Moses”. He said.

“Without you?”. She blurted out. Her eyes had widened. After a second, she realised that she must have looked distraught. She had wanted to hide her feelings, but she wasn’t doing a very good job of it around him. He gave her a sympathetic smile.

“No, it will just be wise not to mention to Ramses that I was with you last night”.