Chloe Ting Workouts…

Oh my god she killed me.

As I said last week I began a two week shred workout challenge by Chloe Ting. It is free so if anyone is considering I highly recommend. She has other workout programs as well which focus on other aspects such as thin thighs, hourglass, booty building and a couple of other things.

My legs are dying!

Ever since I started the second week of Chloe Ting’s workout my thighs have had this constant ache. They tire easily and I just don’t feel rested when I sit or sleep. Everywhere else I seem to be alright but my thighs are really feeling it. I seem to be able to push passed that ache however, as I am now running three miles a morning except for the weekends. (Weekends have become my two rest days a week *Thumbs up* the one thing I haven’t been stupid about).

Looking at the photos… Is it just me? Or is there not really any change? I am not expecting miracles! I just don’t think I see any change at all… hmm… If I put the photos together I might see some form of difference but! To be fair this isn’t the most important photo update! The most important will be at the end of the two weeks altogether. When I have abs of steel and am so skinny that I’ll be like a super model!

No, I’m joking.

I would highly recommend the workouts. I sweat so much it drips down my face. My abs kill, my thighs kill, my butt kill, and my shoulders. The fact that I have been doing these exercises for two weeks and they are still hard.

To top it off, Bandit is making my runs feel like resistance training so much more! Because my running route starts with the same route as my one mile run, but instead of turning off to get to the last stretch of the one mile we continue on. Even though we have been doing this for over a week he still tries to turn towards the house and then keeps his pace slow for the rest of the way.

Along with the exercise, myself and my partner have changed our eating habits as well. Yes, miracles can happen. Slimming world is currently our main focus, following their recipees though some of them I have to alter as we may have discovered that I might be a little lactose intolerant. Ah! Ice cream *cries* I will not get to enjoy you again! I have noticed removing things like cheese has made my stomach feel less heavy. I am having trouble with cravings, after dinner every evening my partner and I always feel like eating a treat afterwards. We haven’t we have resisted so far every night. But that isn’t good. What the hell? Why is this happening? Just means the next week maybe I need to find slimming world treats I can make.

Hopefully with all these changes I will see more progress? Fingers crossed? I’d like to be in a better state before I return to work… July! The horror!

Just to see if there is a difference here are all the progress photos put together at the bottom here –

Hmm… I still don’t think I am seeing any change. But my body might just take a while to kick it in. I really hope it does eventually.

My next update should be posted a little earlier next time due to multiple factors. One it’ll officially be the end of the two week challenge. Two, I will be doing another workout by Chloe Ting so I would like a proper before and after. Three! (I’m excited about this one) I’m moving house!

So, stay tuned for the next update…!