Luna my very wolfy looking husky out of the two. She is the complete opposite of Bandit. In her adoration for food and her mannerisms in socialisation. She loves attention but doesn’t want cuddles… (Unless it is my partner). And when Bandit is as silent as the grave typically unless dreaming, she is a whinge bag that never gives in. She is also way to clever for her own good. Especially when she is using this brilliance of mind to do things she is not supposed to do.

This morning was a bad start to a friday. I woke up and like every human when they wake up I go the toilet. While in there, you should all know that the walls in the house we are currently staying in are thin, so everything can be heard. Haha! Can you guess where this is going? I was in the bathroom doing what all living things do when I heard a little commotion from downstairs.

My first instinct at that moment was to groan to myself and pray that I was wrong in what I was hearing. I wasn’t I knew. This was my Luna. I knew exactly what she was doing, what she had done, and what I was going to find when I arrived downstairs. She didn’t disappoint. Well she did. But my assumption was right on the money.

The kitchen had been raided. The main victim was the fresh loaf of 50/50 bread that we had bought on Tuesday. I don’t know why but Luna’s favourite food in the world is bread. Which is a pain in the ass when going for a walk and people are trying to feed the ducks with the stuff. Something people shouldn’t be doing by the way. She had somehow found a way to scratch at the bottom of the door until it moves just enough for her to use her nose to wedge the rest of the way open.

At that moment murderous rage sort of erupted like a volcano. The wish to strangle to naughty pooch was very strong. However, love prevailed over my want to kill. Yes, Luna still lives. She is going to continue passed eight years old.

I came up with a plan for this. I recently watched a YouTube video of a young woman adopting a white German Sheperd dog. The dog was clearly struggling with insecurities and fears but good on the woman she kept fighting for adoption which she won! Woohoo! A life saved from the easy way out put down system. Anyway, the second video she admitted she was struggling because of course there were going to be frustrations and she was talking to a dog behaviourist (I think). The idea came to me. I am going to teach Luna that she must sit when we come to a door. AND! she cannot cross that threshold unless either myself or my partner say so.

I am going to train the breaking into rooms and food stealing habit out of my dog. She may be reaching the age of old. But! I do not believe old dogs cannot be taught! That is crap! She is not going to defeat me!

Stay tuned for progress…