This is Bandit. My grumpy old man of a dog. He is eight years old. Got stiff back legs. Yet loves cuddles. He may give me a grumble but allows me to pick him up even though he is typically in the range or 28 – 30 kilos. He trusts me when I check his teeth, and he stands still when I try to wash him. He doesn’t take a blind bit of notice of me when I call his name unless he knows he has done something wrong (which these days he doesn’t do anything bad except show Luna teeth).

Lately, his back legs have been a problem for him. He is good once he gets moving. However, standing up and sitting down is a bit questionable. Mostly getting up. He has worked out a smooth way of flicking his legs under himself to sit down. But getting up is a struggle.

Because of this, I have decided to try giving him some supplementary tablets. Glucosamine. I researched on it a little bit and according to most vet websites, Bandit might take up to three months, before showing any sign of possible improvement. If it even helps at all. I have decided that if he doesn’t show any signs of improvement I should have more money in my bandit money pot and will take him to the vets properly.

Stay tuned for updates.