Pole + Aerial Substitute

Due to current events such as lockdown and past experiences of local children in parks I have not been able to practise Pole for… months. Since March I believe. Honestly, I could have just braved the world and set up my pole at the bandstand in the middle of the local park. On the other hand… I don’t fancy having things thrown at me and being harrassed by the local high school children even though I am minding my own business but they can’t seem to mind theirs. (Slightly annoyed jab finished).

As a result of this I got bigger! Fatter! Shofter! Weaker!

All of the above!

Happiness towards my body left the building. Last week I had, had enough. This is the biggest size I have ever been in my life. I understand that some of you will be like – that’s nothing, there are bigger people out there – but this is for me not other people. Anyway, I think for jeans I was possibly a size 12 – 14? (UK sizes). Which is really big for me.

The worst thing is that crease that can be seen in my back? That is a proper deep fold of fat. When I stand relaxed I can feel the skin touching each other. I feel really horrible in myself and it was a constant reminder that I had let myself go. From lack of exercise as well as bad food. (Try six days of takeaways on the bounce).

This led to me taking my poor dogs on early morning runs with me. Running? No, with those two tied to my waist it is more like resistance training. Bandit being a little stiff in the back legs have slowed him down. Luna is a good running partner. Until she sees something that sparks her interest and then thats it; I’m either dragged back suddenly with her attention fixed on something behind us or she zones in on something in front of us and picks up the pace. Both scenarios feel horrible to my body which is at any point in the run just trying to remember to put one foot in front of the other while breathing.

On the first day of my running I also found something on YouTube. It was a YouTuber trying out a two week shred challenge workout that had been made by someone called Chloe Ting. The YouTuber made me laugh. Also her results were fantastic. She didn’t lose much weight but her shape and the look of her body was so much better. Which lead me to begin an attempt at this two week shred challenge workout myself. It is free which makes my broke ass very happy.

What can I say… Holy S***! It is hard! I sweat so much that it drips from my face. My legs were wobbly and no longer functioned as they should afterwards. I told my partner that he would need to get a human sized scoop to move my new gooey form off the floor. Oh, and just incase any of you are looking into trying Chloe Ting’s free 2 week shred workout challenge, I highly recommend it, I would hate the workout when doing it as I felt as though I was suffering but afterwards realised I loved it. HOWEVER! big warning for you all! Wear shoes! Don’t go barefoot. I did and I didn’t even get through the first video before the skin of my left big toe ripped. It didn’t blister it tore. My partner had to wrap me up and for the rest of the workout I had to do everything either solely depending on my right foot or my knees. The next day I was sore in places I had forgotten I had muscles in.

I am not expecting miracles. I know the progress is going to take time and work. Just like everything. But here are pictures of me today after a week of the morning running and evening workouts.

I think there is a little progress… But I am hoping there will be more next weeks update!

To be Continued…!