Blogging all wrong…

Everything I am doing wrong.

OK, I could list it all here –

  • Not specific to one topic
  • Not teaching or advising anyone on anything.
  • Actually am I blogging at all?

I have had some time away from the platform to really think about it. I came to an odd conclusion especially after I found a particular blog during lockdown. Everyone is always really specific. Speciallised in one area and then refined so that they become this well known special person in that field. Which is where I am probably in the wrong area.

I like blogging. I love the idea of it. I really really want to be good at something like that. Except… I am not a specialist at one particular subject, topic, or field of anything. I am what people would call a jack of all trades. I can be good at doing a few things but I am a master at absolutely nothing. So, I could try to refine everything about me into one thing but… The name I picked for myself – AerialWriter – is a mix of two things I enjoy. And I am not just one thing. My days are spent running around like a headless chicken trying to keep up with myself. My dogs! Pole! Aerial! Writing! Reading! My partner (boyfriend)! My day isn’t about just one specific thing!

During Lockdown I have discovered a much happier and comfortable me. The one major factor, of course other than my job being closed for the lockdown, was everything was under one roof. My dogs and my partner are now living together. I am not sleeping under one roof, getting up before the crack of dawn to look after my dogs, then going to work or the gym, then sorting out the dogs again, to go back to the roof that I sleep under. Spending 80% of my time in a car which is falling to bits. Everything under one roof…

That got me thinking about my online presence. I was trying to keep up with a business on facebook, my active life on instagram, and then my writing on here. I am not trying to become one of those influencers who take 100 photos at least to get that one good photo that they will accept to post. I just don’t have time for that. Not anything against them, I can’t even imagine becoming a social media influencer. Anyway, I was everywhere. Very similar to my physical world and it was all getting a little bit much.

So, instead of being everywhere online and offline, everything is going to be in one place. Yes, that is very unblog like but I don’t care. I am a jack of all trades and my blog is going to be as well. It is the most comfortable idea I have felt in a long time.

It took for me to have some time away from everything to realise it. I became a social media recluse and have disappeared from it so much so that diving straight back into how I was is terrifying. I’d like to ease myself back into it by returning to my blog and it will be a blog on everything to do with me. My dogs. My pole and aerial journey (which is on pause right now). And my writing. No more bits on instagram and separate bits on facebook or whatever other social media platform there is. Everything will be here!

Expect alot of changes coming through in the next few weeks!