Returning to the World…

Lockdown Ease up.

I have been away from this aspect of my life for a while now. A few weeks? Maybe a month or so? I am not clicking off this to find out the accurate time. What I am doing is coming back into this at full swing! Now that the UK Lockdown is beginning to gradually ease-up I thought it was only appropriate.

The time away was good for me. It is definitely something I think everyone should do at some point. Time away, take a step back, especially if somewhere you haven’t quite felt as good about it.

This little break hasn’t meant that I haven’t done anything! The complete opposite actually. I have been doing a lot. I re-examined my piece that I self-published on Amazon. I am happier about this one but it did mean that I re-wrote most of it (which took time). It is now available on Amazon for 99p. I have put it on a free offer for the last couple of days so if you’re interested I can leave a link below and you can check it out. I think the offer might be ending soon or it has already… I am not sure I will check it later tonight.

I have a whole new set of poetry and story parts to upload for you whenever I decide to schedule them in. I struggled a lot with them but I will talk about that in another post in more detail hopefully.

I have also been working on a bigger fiction project! Which I have plans for but will go into detail about that in another post. Again. Sorry I know that isn’t exactly exciting news to read that everything will be spoken about in more detail later on but, it will be coming hopefully soon.

I have read soooo much! I have never had the time to sink into books as much as I have the last few weeks! The only problem I have now is there are two books, I think, that have ruined me for the rest of my life for reading. Now, if I mention these titles a large community of YA fans are probably going to roll their eyes. This is what hit me best in the feels for reading, my heart was actually racing for these stories! So… blah! The first one was Serpent & Dove. I loved this! I fell in love with the characters! Aw! Thinking about it all again makes me sad that I finished it and that the sequel has still not graced the world. The second book was Crescent City… Yes Sarah J. Maas’s Crescent City. That massive red book that I thought would have taken me an age to get through. Only it didn’t actually much to my weird disappointment I finished it. I am only disappointed because it had to end. Since this book is new god knows how long we will have to wait for the next installment! The part of my brain that loved every over detailed word in that book is currently weeping.

All of that! Is coming very soon! Along with a few new additions which I thought long and hard about. My blog doesn’t really give any advice or life lessons to anyone. Which I thought I might give it a go. I teach Pole and Aerial Silks fitness classes. Some form of advice in something can’t be that hard right? My only issue is my belief in myself. My genuine belief that I am not good at anything. I’ve decided to push passed this negativity. I am going to write some posts on actually writing. Some of the things I have felt when writing, some processes, some thoughts, and some questions I ask myself on writing. I don’t know if it will be any use to anyone but if just one person takes an interest I will take that as an accomplishment.

More details on my plans for this blog are also waiting on another post later on. Honestly, this post was just more about saying hello I’m back. I have things in mind that will hopefully improve what I have on here already and what I have to offer.

Now, I am going to finish this post with a presentation of new pole and aerial photos of me… They are beautifully done by a local photographer my business has had the pleasure and honour to work with called Ian Lawson Photography. (He is amazing I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!). My only complaint about my images are myself. I was not in a healthy state physically and mentally. My body felt that neglect more than anything. I am taking steps to change this but these are my starting marks before my self improvement begins.

Pole and Aerial are coming to the blog! More details on that later on!