Story 35

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Galahad leaned against the door. His head repeated the cute little noise she had made when the water startled her. It spread a smile across his face that he hadn’t intended to let out. It wasn’t intentional, he knew this, but she was making him smile at every surprising corner. It was during his little smiling session that he noticed she had stopped making any sound altogether. The water had stopped running so he assumed the basin was full. He hadn’t heard the rustle of her clothes yet. The only sound he could catch was her breathing.

What was she waiting for? The water was going to be cold so maybe she would be gearing up for that plunge? Maybe, but she was waiting too long, she probably would have freaked herself out at this point. What on earth was she waiting for? He focused so hard on her that his mind considered checking if she was alright.

He twitched. His heart sped up. He couldn’t look! He cursed himself for being so stupid. She would never trust him again. On top of that she had told him that she didn’t want him to see her. His body ached to look. His mind and his body were at war with each other. She was a beautiful woman, he could feel the attraction to her pull him, he wasn’t an imbecile. To make her more attractive was that fact that she wasn’t of the same mind as her father or brother. She was fascinating. Images of her glancing over her shoulder, a soft smile on her pink lips, beautiful glossy dark hair swept to the opposite shoulder. Halina inviting him, as she allowed the silk of her dress to flow away from her shoulders. He wanted to look. The beast in him wanted to look.

Galahad clenched his hands into tight fists. So hard his knuckles whitened. So hard his chipped, broken nails, punctured his palms. He didn’t dare look.