Story 34

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Games in Politics.

With a count of three inside her head. Halina swallowed a deep breath and went in for the cold idea of a wash. The tiny tap that was rusted above the basin in the wall squeaked and creaked under her force. A couple of turns in she dreaded no water would come out at all. Then it splattered to life with brown water. She gave an involuntary shriek. Which moved Galahad to her rescue again. He stopped the water grabbed the basin, carried it to the window, then threw the contents out. Halina had visions of that water splashing unsuspecting bystanders and cringed.

“That just happens sometimes when the tap hasn’t been used in a long time”. He gave her a shrug which she understood to mean that it was nothing. He handed her the basin then returned to his original space by the door.

Wary and ready for the water to go against her plans for a wash she held the basin under the tap and twisted it again. The squeaky tap jangled with crystal clear cool water spouting out of it. A fresh wash of relief swept over her. Once the water was ready, she took one last peek over her shoulder, there was a tiny pang of disappointment. What!? She shook herself. She grew furious that she would feel disappointed about something like that. She should be feeling confident to be naked knowing that he wasn’t looking. Did she want him to look? Just a little bit? She gave herself a second little shake. Then slipped her clothes from her body.