Story 33

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Games in Politics.

It was the morning. Halina stood staring down at the wash basin in the corner. Galahad was stood at the door. He was leaning back on it with his arms crossed.

“I can’t”. Were the first words that came out of her mouth. It surprised him.

“Yes, you can, just get some water and throw it over your head-…”. He started. Halina felt annoyed by his encouragement. It felt patronising and judgmental. Without thinking she snapped.

“No, I meant I can’t with you in here”. There was a pause.

Then to Halina’s shock Galahad burst into laughter. “Oh”. He pushed off the door twisted around and thumped a shoulder to the door. His back to her.

“Don’t laugh, privacy is a serious thing”. She scolded him. But there was a smile that just wouldn’t go away from her lips. “Is the water going to be cold?”.

“Is it any other way?”. Her heart thumped around inside her ribs. Her skin was not ready for what cold water was going to do to her. She shivered and she hadn’t even touched it yet. Her body wanted to run, or just skip the ordeal entirely. Then she thought about what he had just said. Was this normal for people here?