Story 32

Games in Politics.

Galahad tilted his head to investigate the face of the young woman he was holding in his arms. All he could think about was how young she was. That was a lie he was telling himself. She was cute, she was small, and she was brave. She had an instinct that was keeping her alive. It was on over-drive right now. He could sense it with the way she knew exactly what was coming inside this room. Yet, he wasn’t even sure if she had had sex before now.

He swore at himself. This was not the time to think about this subject. He had to get out of the room before the morning. The costs of being caught could be lethal for her as well as him.

He shifted his weight. Halina’s upper body rolled to the arm he was going to use to carry her in. Her sleeping voice slipped out and he stilled. Her mumbles turned into protests. Her eyes flew open. Galahad had never seen eyes that looked so horrified and vulnerable. She didn’t speak. Her hands gripped into the clothes at his chest. She showed everything on her face. Then her eyes fluttered like she wasn’t really looking at him. Then, ever so softly, they closed again. Her body relaxed, but her hands remained locked in his clothes.