Story 31

Games of Politics.

“Do I feel that good?”. He joked at her. She brought a hand down and squeezed into his side he flinched and laughed a little bit. “OK, I’m sorry”. He sounded far too calm and casual for Halina it itched a little in her sanity.

“How are you so calm? Collected?”. She asked. Her body ached to snuggle into him. To relax back into his chest and listen deeply to his heartbeat.

“You can talk, I shot your father, and his politic party, and you still look at me with no fear”. He began brushing the tips of his fingers up and down her back. The sensation made her eyelids grow heavy. She made the mistake of allowing her eyes to close, her forehead dropped onto his chest, then her body slid into just the right place. She was so comfortable and warm. She tangled her legs around his. From an outsider point of view, she thought, people might believe they had just had sex. “Hey there, you need to get into the bed”. He meant it affectionately. But she didn’t hear him. She just hummed into his chest and her muscles slacked.