Kindle 1

His Princess

By Alexa Riley

I am back on the kindle reading as well. These books are short sweet and to the point. Sex. Instand love at first sight sex. Dominant male, that is big in every way you could think of with solid muscles.

This Alexa Riley, a duo of ladies that write anything that is instant love, sex, and no protection baby making.

This story is literally an arranged marriage sort of story. The groom to be saw the bride to be’s picture and fell instantly in possessive love. She takes a bit more time than him. It’s always the mindblowing sex that convinces her that he is the one.

Obviously, I read these for the hot scenes, I am not silly. I understand that men do not come in those ridiculous sizes, and I don’t believe in the gushy love at first sight. I believe attraction can happen at first sight, but love grows. But I like the hot scenes and sometimes I don’t mind a bit of gushy love.

There are a couple of spelling and grammatical mistakes. But hey no one is perfect, and I know my own grammar is shockingly poor. I prefer Alexa Riley over the other authors that I have read of this particular style.