Audible 2


By Michelle Obama.

I absolutely loved listening to this woman. She was very down to earth, enlightening, and honest. Everything she spoke about sounded so real. It was nice for a change. There was no alterior motive behind the book.

Everything she spoke about was really enlightening to learn. Everyone already knows how sick and twisted politics is. The game plans that can ruin peoples lives. The uncaring decisions that they make to spit in the faces of their opponents. I think what is more frightening, which I already knew but to hear it, brings the reality of it home. That some politicians, regardless if the one in power is working towards something good for everyone, just want to see them fail. Just so they can get ahead.

The way she spoke about family, the one she was given and the one she chose. The struggle to keep her children safe from the politics that her very ambitious (but not bad) husband worked tirelessly for.

The constant divide between white and black in the world of America. Actually scratch that, in the world.

She was a delight to listen to. I genuinely believe that if you haven’t read it or listened to it on audible. Then please! Please pick it up.