Covid-19, AKA Coronavirus.

The world is possibly going on lockdown. Or well mine is. As some of you will know I am from the UK. I live here, and at the moment everyone is panicking.

The first thing to close were the cinema’s and picture houses. Then any social events that would create mass amounts of social gathering began to cancel. Then schools closed. Then all gyms, restaurants (that don’t do takeaway delivery), pubs, and cafes, etc closed.

That is currently where the UK stands with the virus spread. Establishments are closing, with no real sign as to when things will return to normal. And this is also where my job is… closed… which means I am not working… right. I am right now on the cusp of uncertainty as to whether or not I will be paid. The government we have, is not the government I voted for, and the one I know doesn’t give a crap about anyone but the ones with the money that can afford medical care. So, there isn’t a lot of faith there.

This also means the business that was doing so well! has had to now go through, what I want to call, a temporary setback. We are looking into things we can do outside of the gym… which is limited right now. But I have faith. We will not be defeated by this situation.

I am going to take this as an opportunity to get my side projects done. I am going to build that beautiful routine that I have dreaming of the last couple of weeks! Haha! Due to the advise of doctors, someone close to me has gone into isolation, which has meant that myself and the doggies are now living in isolation with my partner! (Love partner, not business partner, as much as I think that would be fun too). So, this is going to be a trial period for when we actually move in together. Given that, I have lived with my partner before… sort of. I slept here, and I was here every day, but I would travel to go look after the dogs between everything. As you can imagine, petrol got expensive, most of my life meant living in the car. Anyway, to the point, we knew what it was like to live together without my beautiful canines, now we just needed to add that extra factor and what that would mean for us as a couple. Honestly, so far so good, but this is day one… So… have many more days to go first!

So, I am resetting the mini-updates! Starting today! You’ll be hearing a lot from me, for a while, I think.

Until later tonight, or if I decide. Tomorrow. Good Luck everyone! If you’re not sick, I hope you never do get sick, and if you are sick, I hope you recover quickly!