Story 30

Games in Politics.

The door handle rattled. Then the door began to rattle in its frame against Galahad’s back. Halina felt herself cringe deeper into Galahad’s chest. An attempt to make herself smaller. He squeezed her comfortingly.

“Halina”, Ramses whispered through the door. The sound chilled the blood in her veins. “You can block me tonight, but do you think you can stop me every night?”. Her heart plummeted to her stomach. It beat deep down inside of her gut and churned panic into every inch of her. “Try to sleep tight little Halina, as tomorrow you’ll have a busy day”. His voice wedged itself in the door like a knife stabbed through the wood right over Galahad’s shoulder.

Then the corridor was silent. There were no more knocks on the door. No more rattling of the door handle.

Halina fell in love with the silence. She fell in love with the steadiness of the hold Galahad kept on her. His steady heartbeat that just never faulted the whole time. And when he spoke the vibrations of his low voice ricocheted inside of her.

“You should get more sleep”. He said. Her heart thumped inside her belly.

“No, I can’t sleep in that bed”. She burst out too loudly. She inner cursed herself. But Galahad just chuckled a little under his breath. It felt deliciously good against her hands that were still flat against his chest.