Story 29

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Games in Politics

She awoke suddenly, Halina hadn’t even realised she had fallen asleep, her body was wrapped warmly and tightly in Galahad’s arms. They were on the floor against the door. His breathing steady against the side of her face. His heartbeat was a beautiful constant rhythm that made her feel safe. He hadn’t left her, he didn’t take her to the bed and abandon her to an unknown fate, he had stayed and slept on the floor with her. He had let her sob into him until the strain of the emotions took hold and she fell asleep. His arms were still tight around her like a shield keeping the nightmares away.

Then Halina heard the slight knock on the door. She twitched and was about to push off his chest when his arms locked. He held her tighter and stopped her from moving. One of Galahad’s hands moved away from her body and placed the palm gently flat against her mouth. And they waited. There was a long pause, then a check of the door handle. It rattled and for a second Halina’s heart stopped beating. Her lungs stopped inhaling. Her whole body froze, almost as if she would just stop existing if it did.