Day 1.

Firstly, in developing myself, and the routine. I started with Water.

Wherever you read, water has a huge amount of benefits. I could list some; Lubricates the joints, Forms Saliva, Delivers oxygen throughout the body, boosts skin health, cushions sensitive tissue, regulates body temperature, helps the digestive system, flushes bodily waste, maintains blood pressure, helps the airways, makes nutrients and minerals more accessible, prevents kidney damage, helps exercise performance, weight loss, and the most obvious one – reduces the chance of a hangover.

Just to list a few… apparently these are the things water can do for your body. The only one I can really check to see if it works is weight loss. Oh, and maybe the flushing the bodily waste… I am probably going to pee so much.

So, here is a disasterous reality – 11st 7lbs…