Time Away.


I have taken some time away. Obviously. I was reading a book called ‘Pole PT’ or ‘PT Pole’ I can’t remember off the top of my head. I don’t suppose it matters. Anyway, I hit a section that was about getting enough rest. That rest is different to going to bed and sleeping. Rest is a moment of doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. This was in reference to exercise but I decided to apply it to everything.

I applied it to everything because I was falling behind. Some days I’d post, and other days I wouldn’t. Then I would try and cram the most amount of writing I could possibly fit within the evening. Even if my brain wasn’t cooking up anything particularly good I was typing it.

I would do the same with exercise, some days I would not have had the chance to exercise. Then on a day that I could, I would once again cram as much exercise as I could possibly manage with my feeble muscles. I would keep going until the drain of it all knocked me off my feet.

I was in a constant state of listlessness. When I had five minutes between things, I would just sit there really not wanting to get up or can’t be bothered doing something I really want to do.

That splurge of productiveness just wasn’t real productiveness.

So, I’ve had time away.

Now, that I have come back I am taking this as the perfect opportunity to try and build a routine. That routine that I was talking about in a previous post. So, as of tomorrow hopefully there will be a lot more posting, and some more changes to this blog.