Story 28 – Games in Politics.

“I’m not sure why, but I want to keep you safe, if I think about it, the idea of someone hurting you makes me cringe and flare into a rage that if was real I would slaughter everyone involved, even if they were only loosely connected”. His voice was like a low hum. The vibrations travelled into her from his chest and somehow it made his words ease into her like a comfort blanket. “I will remain on watch at your door, and wherever you go always remember I am not far”. He sounded so sure.

Her tears had not dried, but the hysterical sobbing had eased, and as she sniffed through her still leaking eyes, she pushed off his chest. There were two questions she had for him. Two she thought might solidify her trust in him. Regardless of the fact that she had just been sobbing into his chest. She told herself that these would make it unwavering.

“Can I see your face?”. He didn’t pause. The hand he had used to stroke her head reached up over the back of his head. Then pulled the mask off. The first thing she saw was his thick dark hair. It ruffled back into shape, some clumps stuck out here and there, but it was thick and glossy. From there, she caught sight of thick brows that weren’t messy, but she could tell he never really needed to, or bothered to groom them. Sheltered under them she lost herself in deep beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Long lashes that didn’t dominate his features so much to distract from the beauty she caught in his eyes. She would have missed the brilliant straight nose that stood between them, and the full lips that sat below that if he hadn’t spoken. His voice now unmuffled. It startled her. Yet, it just made him sound all the more attractive to her.

“You have another question”. It wasn’t a question. He knew she had more to ask. Halina bit her lip. She enjoyed the way he was looking at her, the way his face seemed to be so picture perfect to her eyes, that she didn’t want to ask the next question. A soft smile on his face made her thighs clench together. He brought his face down, his lips to her ear. “You can ask, don’t worry, I have memorised the gawking expression on your face”. She felt her cheeks flush. Oh god, had she been that obvious that his handsomeness swept her away? She tried to pull away, but he laughed. “No, seriously, your next question?”.

“What name does he go by now?”.