Project Me. Aerial.

Current State.

My current physical state is not great. I could be better. I know this, and yet a lazy part of me has decided to just keep ploding along like it doesn’t really matter. When… in fact… it does. I have been training Pole Fitness and Aerial Fitness for a few years now. My flexibility has not made any progress, and I still look clumsy in my movements. I watched a young woman shoulder mount the pole with beautiful smoothness. Straight legs, pointed toes. She hooked her leg above her head like it was nothing. And had only been practicing three years. Three years! I don’t look, or move like that and I have been doing it much longer!

I know, I am commiting the cardinal sin of all exercise! Everyones’ bodies are different and I shouldn’t compare my progress and physical state with anyone else. However! I would love to argue that everyone else has compared themselves to someone. I am not about to give up or lose motivation because of my soul crushing reality check. What I am going to do instead is use this as motivation to get to a place I would like to get to.

I want to slim down. This means eating better foods which, granted, I haven’t done yet. (Had a McDonalds breakfast this morning…). But I know enough to understand that food is the main contribution to body size. Exercise helps but doesn’t have as massive an impact as food.

I want to at least get one… just one split this year. Now, of course, some of you will read this and think that isn’t so hard. Well, actually for my body yes it is. My body has proven in the last few years that if I want my legs, hip flexors, or glutes to improve with flexibility I would need to practice every day. Every night I would need to hold a stretch that may, make me feel sick, just feels so uncomfortable that my very inner being screams to get out of the position, and never see more than a tiny inch of progress after months if not years.

I want to perform in the disciplines that I love so much. I could probably do this now. Simply put moves together to a song. But I still look the same. When I say perform I mean more along the lines of. Looking a little better than a clumsy baby elephant bouncing around the room.

When I think about it. What makes these goals so difficult to achieve more than anything is… routine. It is very difficult to build a routine for me. I don’t ever have one place to go but many. I don’t ever have one job to do of an evening but hundreds. Routine is the most difficult step. Once a routine is built keeping it won’t be so bad. It will help maintain the discipline I will need to push myself beyond what I think are my limits.

So, for my first steps building a routine to begin tomorrow.