Project Dog.


8 years old.

My first Husky. I got him when he was eight weeks old. He was £250, which I know from everything I had read, that was probably the first red flag. His front legs were bowed. A condition I was told by the vets would never get better. He had two pairs of extra toes on his back legs. Something, I dealt with later.

He’s my grumpy old boy.


8 years old.

She is my second husky. Only by a couple of months is she younger than Bandit. She, for a lack of a better description, was perfect physically. I got her at eight – nine weeks old at £350. I was once stopped on a walk with her by a guy who was adament that she was his.

She is my whinge bag.

I’ve never been so scared.

I haven’t been so scared of anything until these last eight years. My two dogs have not had the best happen to them. Anything that could be classed as a rare occassion according to the police, to the vets, or just to other pet owners may have happened to my dogs.

They have been attacked by so many dogs. That I no longer go into parks. They no longer wish to socialise with other peoples’ dogs, and honestly when I am with them, neither do I.

I’ve been told to muzzle them. Even though it wasn’t them that approached the other canine, nor was it them that sparked the fight. And if I’m honest, I will never muzzle them because they have a better chance saving themselves by fighting back, than they do being saved by police because the UK police will not interfere with a dog on dog attack. (I know this from experience).

People have tried to prosecute me. Have my dogs either removed, or muzzled through force of dog law. Even though once again, it wasn’t my dogs that caused the problem.

I have had behaviourists of dogs tell me how to control my own dogs, but can never tell me what to do when another person’s dog becomes my responsibility in a fight.

Vets give me looks when I have tried a different method to the conventional one.

I wouldn’t say my dogs have had a great experience, but in these next how ever many years I have with them left. I am going to make it better. This will be the beginnings of that effort to help my dogs be happier.