Audible Book 1

The Silent Ones.

K. L. Slater.

The Cover of the Book.

I decided, quite spontaneously, that I would try out audible. Quite a few people say that they prefer it over listening to the radio. Honestly, I would have to agree.

I bought this audible with the free credit I go from signing up. I was still on the free trial so nothing came out of my account, no harm in testing it out. Well, I got this book because I do enjoy watching a mystery, castle, mentalist, bones, elementary. My thought process was to get books on audible that I wouldn’t physically sit down and read myself.

To be completely honest, it worked, I listened to this book within a day. I listened to it while I was walking the dogs, while I was typing, while I was driving. I nearly tried to listen to it while I was with my partner in the car, driving to a house viewing. I was itching to listen to it.

The reader wasn’t hard to listen to. She was clear, nothing irritating in the way she spoke, and even the voices she put on for the different speakers was easy to differentiate.

There were moments, I thought, – ‘Come on!’ -, when the… main character? wasn’t getting the obvious. I won’t go into exact detail as to what it was that she wasn’t getting because of spoilers and I still think it is a book to check out. But, it was a little frustrating. It didn’t ruin my interest in finding the end.

I would say this was a story about warped families, sometimes the family you can’t choose are not as important as the family you can choose. That you don’t always know your friends. Forgiveness sometimes has to be earned. And how damaging just being an idle audience to a wrong can be. How secrets and lies can utterly ruin a relationship. (Possibly not the relationship you think I’m talking about). Or these seem to be the underlining subjects.

The actual plot is about two young girls, no older than ten, are accused of murder. But they won’t speak. So, the detectives (they have to anyway) get the mothers of these two girls involved, who are also sisters and have their own issues to deal with.

The book follows multiple points of view. From the main character, who is one of the mothers. To the husband of the main character. The author does mislead the audience by using what would seem like an obvious outcome.

My only gripe, is that at the end, **Spoilers** the bad guy doesn’t seem all that threatening… The main character is there in the house and there is no attempt at attack, escape, or anything. They are just arrested and that it that. I can understand the frustration the bad guy had, I mean I had them myself, but… it seemed a little weak and too easy after that. Sort of almost Anti-climactic.

However, the book kept me invested in it. Which I think is a success overall.