Story 26 – Games in Politics.

They didn’t speak. The playful tones they had developed between the two of them earlier seemed to have died. This place, wherever this was, suffocated it. He took her down plain white corridors. They were fresh and clean. With multiple doors. One, two, three. Stop. There were more doors, but they had stopped at the third.

“This will be yours”. Was the only thing he said. He untied her wrists and opened the door for her. When she didn’t step inside straight away, he sighed. “I didn’t know that you knew him”.

“He was the popular guy in school, a couple of years ahead of me”. She replied honestly. Nausea crept inside of her belly. She could see a huge bed. It didn’t look too uncomfortable, but the fact that it was a large double made her uncomfortable. How was she going to sleep? Visions of her lying sound asleep. The room bathed in darkness. Then in the ocean of silence, the door creaks open, a thin line of pale white light breaks the blackness. Rameses shadow creeps over her sleeping body tucked soundly under the quilt.

“Hey”. Halina jumped back. A small scream escaped her lips. Galahad caught her by the wrist, pulled her into the room. He shut the door behind him and wrapped her tight in his arms. She gripped the clothes and panted into his chest. “You’ll be ok”.

“You don’t know that”. She was beginning to feel lightheaded.

“I do, I will make sure of it”. He squeezed her tight. She felt the choking sting of tears building up in her throat.

“You don’t know me, I don’t know you, we owe each other nothing, I haven’t even seen your face”. She whimpered into him. The floods made her voice wobble.