Story 24 – Games in Politics.

“Did you not watch the news?”, She asked the minister. Halina was getting bored standing there. Her body ached, and her ankles throbbed from falling, over and over again. She just wanted to get off her feet. Even if that meant being locked in a cold prison. She didn’t care.

“Ah, yes, your brilliant show, walking off stage like that”, he tutted at her. Patronising bastard. She tried to recall what his name was. It had been something that all the girls at school has swooned over. She began to glance at the walls around her. It was not the grand hall she had pictured when the blindfold was over her eyes. It was plain, like it was still being built. White stone, with large cylindrical white pillars. Rameses! That was it… “I suppose now that you have-…”.

“Rameses”. Halina interrupted him.

“I don’t go by that name anymore”. His expression darkened. For the first time while standing in this hall, even with the assassin at her side, she felt true fear freeze her breath in her lungs. “I selected to go by a different name”. She edged a little backwards. She felt the assassin lean towards her, his hidden hand lifting to comfort her back. His thumb brushing up and down on the small of her back. Her mind held onto that reassurance. It found the strength to keep her body where it was. “Anyway, we have much to do, Galahad take her to one of my rooms”.