Story 23 – Games in Politics.

** Warning – Bad Language **

“No shit”. Halina hissed.

“Oh, so you’re not going to defend your brother?”. The minister raised his brows at her. He was mocking her. She huffed through her nose at him.

“Last I checked, you weren’t exactly the brightening hero of the poorer community either”, she retorted. There was a faint twitch beside her. It took her entire being just to ignore him.

“Ha, I see lying is a family trait”. The minister half-laughed at her. She felt her frustration from earlier peak.

“Or a male trait”. She snapped. “If you have something important to say just get to the point, I would like to leave”.

“You’re not leaving, not unless we want you to”. His tone dropped. A threat underlined the words like a knife laced with poison. “We want you to help us sabotage your brother”.

“It’s a little late for that”. She snapped ignoring his threatening tone. The assassin had promised that while he was around, she wouldn’t be killed. She was hoping to lean into that promise a little bit.  

“Oh?”. Now he sounded bored.